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Updates! The Sea Wolf! And more! 

Well Hello There Readers!

It's been quite a while since my last blog post, which is usual for me as I get swept up in whatever crazy is currently going on in my life. However, I have been thinking of you, and there has been activity going on in The Sea Wolf. It will now be released late 2018 instead of early as I first hoped, simply because I have been dragging my feet writing it in pursuit of other things. That madness is over now and I can focus primarily on my writing. 

This really is the best book…

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Free Kindle Promotion a Success!!! 

I'm happy to say that the free Kindle promotion of The Outmate, in celebration of the release of the sequel, The Mastermind, was a huge, smashing success! Almost 500 copies were downloaded in about two days. Now of course, I would have preferred if they had been bought (a girl's gotta eat) however I LOVE knowing that my first and most special published baby is in the hands and heads of so many readers right now.

I even had to re-read it myself and it put a big smile on my face to remember writing, and…

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The Mastermind Released on Amazon! 

Hello Readers!

At last, after three years of blood, sweat, and tears, Book II in The Outmate Trilogy- The Mastermind- is FINALLY released and available on Amazon. You can buy it in both print, and on Kindle. I am over the moon happy to let my 2nd baby out into the world and so immensely proud of it! There is nothing in the world more thrilling to a writer!!! Well, maybe skydiving but that's a toss up. 

Also I want to announce that in celebration of the release, The Outmate Kindle edition will be FREE on…

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Only a few more days! For realz! 

I knowwwww... I went over deadline again, but it's a short delay. The Mastermind will literally be out in a matter of days now.  I'm so very excited, it's a big, beautiful 303 pages with a gorgeous cover. 

Three years of blood, sweat and tears went into each and every word, and if possible, this book means even more to me than my first, The Outmate. Throughout some really incedibly hard trials and tribulations I am so, so proud that I was able to hold onto the dream of finishing it, finally. There were…

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Let's Try This Again 

It's been a long time since I last posted to my blog- in fact the site was down for some time as I grappled with illness and family disasters. However I'm back now, and this time can say with assurance that The Mastermind will be released in February of 2017. It's all ready to go, the website is up and rebuilt, and I'm extremely excited.

I'm also happy to tell you that work has begun on the third novel in the trilogy, The Sea Wolf. I've already got it all mapped out in my head and have begun writing. An…

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On Track! 

Believe it or not, readers, despite all the craziness that has gone on for me in the last few months, I AM on track for September release of The Mastermind, the second novel in The Outmate Trilogy. Everything is coming along grandly and not even major plot changes, character revamping, and new edits, is going to stop me. 

As a little teaser, I'll tell you one of the biggest changes I've made. Remember Judas from The Outmate? Expect to see a lot more of him in ways you would not have expected. Things are…

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The Mastermind- Book II- on it's way! 

Hello Readers,

I know, I know... I've been promising you this for a while. I've missed my deadline and there will be a delay for at least a few more months. The good news is The Mastermind, sequel to The Outmate, is completely edited and finished. It's just a matter of going through the publishing process now; putting the finishing touches on the cover, formatting the interior, writing the blurb for the back, etc etc. (I am also waiting on the proof of copyright to come through). So I PROMISE. Only a few…

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Coming soon to an near you! 

We are coming down to the wire again, readers. I'm doing my best to have "The Mastermind" out to you in fifteen days, however Nick is working against me; he's constantly bombarding me with new material. Likewise the other, newer strong character in the series, Marshall Stone, is not letting up either. There are love triangles in every direction that rival Mallory at his best. I've struggled to give everyone their fair share of time in the sun, but true to form Nick prefers to lurk in the darkness and…

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The Upcoming Sequel- The Mastermind 

Hello Readers!

It's been a long time since I posted- sorry but I've been rather ill and am just starting to recover. Which is a relief because I was getting sick and tired of being sick and tired. However, I do have good news for you. As you might have seen, the trailer for the sequel to The Outmate is now up on the website. Its called The Mastermind, and I am thrilled to say it's almost completed. I am planning on a late September release in 2014. 

The Mastermind is darker, steamier, and even more…

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The reviews are pouring in! 

Hello Everyone, 

I just wanted to share the reviews that The Outmate has collected since it was launched in September. I feel really good about where it's going and how it's been received by readers. I'm in the midst of a radio/internet campaign right now and will post each interview as I have them. The very first one is already on the press/reviews page and I have many more to come. It's very exciting to watch this unfold and be a part of it- and I'm so proud of my little book so far. (Okay fine it's not…

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