The Renaissance also brought many changes on the fringes of Europe. For absolutely no cost. Islands like Malta were thrown into turmoil due to wars like those that fought between Muslims and Christians during the Great Siege of Malta defined whether the rest of Europe would be under the control of the current rulers or if it was the first step towards the rule by the Turks. Also, it’s available in 30 other languages to boot. 7. EasyBib.

The Enlightenment. Referencing can be an issue but it doesn’t need to be. The Enlightenment is described in many ways however, at its broadest was an intellectual, philosophical and cultural revolution that took place between the 17th and 18th century. EasyBib allows you to precisely create citations simply by scanning barcodes on books using the camera of your phone. It emphasized logic, reason, criticism and the freedom of thought over belief systems, doctrines and the belief in superstition. Then, you can export the citation as an email and then email it to yourself for inclusion to your essay. The emergence of logic was taking place as a worldview that stated that observation through empirical evidence and the study of life can reveal the truth about the human race and the entire universe.

The application will completely transform your essay writing, and you may even go so that you like reference! 6 . Trove. The French revolution. Trove can be described as an electronic library databases, that brings together the content of Australian museums, libraries archives as well as other research institutions.

Between 1789 between 1789 and 1802 France was struck by a revolution that completely transformed the military, government and state culture and also got Europe involved in a few conflicts. It’s a fantastic instrument for anyone who is writing an essay or other research assignment seeking resources. France changed from a predominantly feudal nation under an absolute monarch, and then through the French Revolution to a nation that executed its king, and finally to a kingdom with a monarch under Napoleon Bonaparte. The app is, in addition to catalogue, which is the catalog of the National Library of Australia, that allows you to search the library on your smartphone regardless of where you are. Five The Seven Year"War. Handy!

The war of the Seven Years took place from 1754 to 1763, with the main conflict occurring during the seven-year period from 1756 to 1763. Quizlet. The majority of the major powers participated and the war had a profound impact on Europe, North America, Central America, India, and the Philippines. A no-cost online resource which lets you design your own flip-cards for learning definitions, terms, formulas, and more. In the history of specific nations, the war is named for the fighters who fought who fought in their respective theaters that fought in the French and the Indian War as it is known by the United States.

The process of ‘gamifying’ how you learn does not just help to remember more It also makes learning more fun! 4. By breaking down subjects and topics into bite-sized chunks making it easy to digest and to retain. Berlin wall. There’s no reason to not take a look at Quizlet try. Berlin Wall Berlin Wall was a barrier that separated Berlin between 1961 and 1989 It was built in the German Democratic Republic on 13 August 1961, separating East Germany and from East Berlin until it was officially inaugurated in November 1989.

Let the game begin. The wall was destroyed on June 13, 1990, and was completed in 1992. Self Control. The barrier was guarded by towers that were erected along the great concrete walls that restricted an extensive area, which contained the anti-vehicle channels. If you are often using the internet to spend "just 5 mins" while you could be doing something else, Self Control is the program for you. 3. Self Control is a Mac application will block internet access of any website on its blacklist for a set duration of time.

The Marshall Plan. After the timer has begun it will be essay blocked , and it is impossible to stop it, you can’t even delete the application! However, it’s a positive idea – it helps you to be focused on your task even when you’re inclined to wander off. It was an American initiative to aid Europe as well as Asia and Asia, where the United States offered $17 billion in aid to the economy and to aid in the restructuring of European economics following the conclusion in World War II. Or, if you’re looking for an incentive-based method of motivation to concentrate on something, you can test the Forest app. The program ran for four years, beginning in April 1948. Set the timer for the amount of time you wish to avoid your phone, then plant the seed and watch the little tree expand.

2. It will die if you turn off the phone, however, once you’ve reached the finish of the timer, you’ll be able start your new tree. The Gunpowder Plot. You can grow the forest!

What’s more exciting is that Forest collaborates with a genuine tree-planting company, Trees for the Future which is a real tree-planting organisation, and they plant trees in the earth as well.