Hello Readers! Just a quick update that I’m still expecting to publish The Sea Wolf around June 15th. The current coronavirus crisis has afforded me a lot of spare time, but also a lot of writer’s block, so although I’d love to publish now to take advantage of everyone’s need for a good book, it is just not happening. Creativity is weird like that- it strikes when it feels like it and sometimes it’s not an opportune moment. Stephen King would not agree with me and would tell me I’m being lazy, but I’m not Stephen King so bleah. 🙂

In other news, although the worldwide crisis motto seems to be “The sky is falling, the sky is falling!”, some positive things have come out of being relatively housebound with restrictive social distancing in place. My house has never been cleaner and I’ve become a master chef. I’m spending tons of quality time with my husband and as we are four month newlyweds as well, you get the picture. All kidding aside, this is a serious health problem worldwide and should be taken as such, but without resorting to mass hysteria. Keep calm and carry on applies in this situation well. I know many people are saying “yes I bought a bunch of toilet paper and supplies that I don’t need but I’m only one person, so it doesn’t matter.” You are one of many and are contributing to the chaos by turning your home into a bunker of toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and masks. Be considerate of others and as always be kind.

I hope all of you remain safe and sane through this; remember you are not alone in spirit although you may be just one person in a tiny apartment. I, and many others, send out a massive wave of love and light to you all. We will prevail. And I will have that book to you before June! If you look at the past releases in my blog, you can see that it takes me an average of 3-4 years and many false promises of “it’s ready” before my newest creation goes live. We are nearing the end of that cycle with The Sea Wolf, so stay tuned and take care!