Hello Readers!

It’s been a long time since I posted- sorry but I’ve been rather ill and am just starting to recover. Which is a relief because I was getting sick and tired of being sick and tired. However, I do have good news for you. As you might have seen, the trailer for the sequel to The Outmate is now up on the website. Its called The Mastermind, and I am thrilled to say it’s almost completed. I am planning on a late September release in 2014.

The Mastermind is darker, steamier, and even¬†more thrilling than it’s predecessor, if that is possible. It has been a lot of fun to write- as an author I find it cathartic to endow my characters with personalities and situations that far exceed what a relatively sane person (and come to think of it I know a lot of people might disagree that I am sane) would do for love or power. If you needed a Xanax for The Outmate, you might need a horse tranquilizer for The Mastermind. Be prepared to read it peeking through your fingers.

One blogger who reviewed The Outmate said that she could only read small doses of it at a time because it so disturbed her. But she couldn’t stop reading it either. That made me smile. That’s exactly the reaction I was after! This isn’t a warm and fuzzy love story. Go buy yourself a bunny wabbit if you want warm and cuddly love. This is a love story between two very dangerous, sexually deviant criminals, and it’s SUPPOSED TO BE DISTURBING. Yes I know, very bad blog etiquette to shout. Sorry.

But yes. Its almost finished, and you can expect it late September of this year. I’m really happy with how its turned out. There are some new faces along with the old that will catch your attention. Be prepared to fall in love with them too and shiver at their exploits. Marshall Stone, people. Remember that name. It’s going to be a very important one.

And now, dear readers, time for a nice long walk on a summer’s eve. It’s dusk, and like Chrissie, this is my favorite time of night. When all the world turns purple…

Over and out, much love,