I knowwwww… I went over deadline again, but it’s a short delay. The Mastermind will literally be out in a matter of days now.  I’m so very excited, it’s a big, beautiful 303 pages with a gorgeous cover. 

Three years of blood, sweat and tears went into each and every word, and if possible, this book means even more to me than my first, The Outmate. Throughout some really incedibly hard trials and tribulations I am so, so proud that I was able to hold onto the dream of finishing it, finally. There were lots of stops and starts in the writing of it, but in the end I persevered. 

So, I send my second baby, sequel to The Outmate, into the world of readers and critics with great hope and pride. Thank you to everyone who contributed- especially my manager and best friend Roy- without whom I never could have made crunch time these last few days to ensure it went out. Thank you again my friend for all your hard work and patience.

Get ready! It’s coming!!!!