Believe it or not, readers, despite all the craziness that has gone on for me in the last few months, I AM on track for September release of The Mastermind, the second novel in The Outmate Trilogy. Everything is coming along grandly and not even major plot changes, character revamping, and new edits, is going to stop me.

As a little teaser, I’ll tell you one of the biggest changes I’ve made. Remember Judas from The Outmate? Expect to see a lot more of him in ways you would not have expected. Things are going to get deliciously complicated…

I had planned to do a character photo shoot for my fans, however I’m not sure that will happen until after the September release. Please be patient… They are coming, just not yet.

Thank you for all the continued support and great reviews on amazon from my readers! You people are fabulous!

Over and Out,