I’m happy to say that the free Kindle promotion of The Outmate, in celebration of the release of the sequel, The Mastermind, was a huge, smashing success! Almost 500 copies were downloaded in about two days. Now of course, I would have preferred if they had been bought (a girl’s gotta eat) however I LOVE knowing that my first and most special published baby is in the hands and heads of so many readers right now.

I even had to re-read it myself and it put a big smile on my face to remember writing, and living it. For as you know, The Outmate was partially based on a true story- a love story between myself and an amazing, sexy, brilliant, dangerous man who is currently in prison and who is the model for Nick Jessup in the trilogy. It was nostalgic to remember falling in love with him and the life/relationship we shared for six years during his incarceration. I miss you, M. 

Thank you to everyone who downloaded The Outmate Kindle and please remember to leave feedback on Amazon for me! The free promotion is over, but both books are available in print and Kindle at the lowest possible price Amazon would allow me… If you liked The Outmate- Book I, you are going to LOVE The Mastermind- Book II. And even now, I am writing The Sea Wolf- Book III, the final book of the trilogy.


Love to you all, readers and friends!

Embrace your Demons!