We are coming down to the wire again, readers. I’m doing my best to have “The Mastermind” out to you in fifteen days, however Nick is working against me; he’s constantly bombarding me with new material. Likewise the other, newer strong character in the series, Marshall Stone, is not letting up either. There are love triangles in every direction that rival Mallory at his best. I’ve struggled to give everyone their fair share of time in the sun, but true to form Nick prefers to lurk in the darkness and spring at the most unlikeliest of times, sabotaging everyone else’s glory moment with his own dazzling light until all you can see is him.

He is still the star of the novel, despite his time off stage in the wings; he is an ever present, looming threat to everyone around him. And he refuses to let the love of his life go. Surprised? I didn’t think so.

So get ready for some real shockers- if you had trouble with the graphic nature of the first novel, you might want to go read Dr. Seuss instead of “The Mastermind”. I went through quite a bit both emotionally and physically as I wrote this novel in my personal life, and every bit of it went into the pages. That’s what being a writer is all about. We write what we know.

Sometimes I don’t know which character reflects me more- Chrissie, or Nick… Although Nick was originally based on my M, he became so much more- a fusion of both of us and something greater than both of us. Maybe you could give me some feedback after you’ve gobbled it up, readers. I’d love to hear your feedback.