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Hello Readers,

We are now on the eve of the release of The Outmate. In reality, all that is between me being a published author and my novel being available for sale is one tiny, inconsequential little "accept" button. All else is ready.  So I am taking a moment to reflect on what a wild ride it was... the years of passionate writing, the dedicated editing, the ceaseless marketing, the hours and hours I put into making this all happen from the website development to the Facebook page to the press release; they have become markers of who I am and my determination as a writer and a human being.

Ernest Hemingway was perfectly correct when he said "There is nothing to writing- you just sit down at a typewriter and bleed." I have bled for this novel. I've paid my dues and opened my veins and spent many a sleepless night working, brainstorming, and surrendering to the Muse who drove me harder than any slave master. But I also had a lot of help. I'd like to acknowledge those people now. 

1. to my beloved friends, (especially my beautiful editor) who endured three years of me wandering around muttering dialogue and bumping into things, becoming increasingly more antisocial and taciturn because I was living in another world... Thank you for not giving up on me.

2. to my mother who endured those melt downs when I felt I just couldn't take anymore, but she'd always tell me to keep on trucking and she loved me regardless... thank you.

3. to my manager and friend Roy Graham who was my technical guru and was always there to get me out of a tight spot when I started to panic- be it the website, the Kickstarter, the press release, or just a "Hey Vicky you're a dork stop being so negative"... thank you.

4. to Becket- who although I've known him a very short time has been a source of great inspiration and has become a sort of Mentor to me- I derive much comfort from our correspondence and I wish you all luck for the future as a fellow writer. Thank you.

5. to all my FLSPW Ride or Die Girls. You know who you are and you know why I love you. Nuff said, Babygirls. Thank you.

6. Lastly, but not least, to my Man. To my beautiful, brilliant, crazy, supportive, ferocious, creative, Bad Ass Man- I owe you the most thanks. You are my Rock, my Protector, my Muse, my Teacher, my Love and my Wolf. You are the reason this book happened. And no matter if it succeeds or fails, no one and nothing can take away from the fact that I wrote it. For YOU. I finished it. I published it. Every single hour and every hair pulling frustration that came along with making this happen I dedicate to you. I love you always. Thank you.

If I left anyone out, its not because you weren't important. I see so clearly now that everyone you encounter in life has something to teach, and something to give you, no matter if that's a negative or positive. We are beings hungry for knowledge and experience, and I thank each and every one of you who has touched my life. You've made me who I am. 

In exactly 20 hours I will push the button, and I will realize my life's dream. Where it goes from there has nothing to do with me any longer and everything to do with where life or the Universe or fate decides to take me next. I'm ready.

Much love