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Greetings, Readers. 

Three days ago I began to develop this website. I celebrated the finish of my first draft of "The Outmate" approximately two weeks ago. It took me two years to write due to the fact that I do have a day job, and a very taxing one at that. I sat scribbling in the dark many a night after hours or on weekends driving everyone I knew crazy because I was such a hermit. I was always sleepy, often bleary eyed, and at times downright cranky. Except when I was writing. Then, I was in heaven. I'm looking forward to beginning the final rewrites. I miss my Baby.

As of today "The Outmate" is being edited, and in the interim I've developed the book cover, and begun this website. I also plan to put together a Kickstarter program in order to try to raise funds to self publish. 

There's a lot to do, and a long way to go, but it's been such a rip-roaring rollercoaster of a ride that I do not mind one bit of it. I'm enjoying it. It's so excited to see my work come to fruition and watch the pieces begin to fall into place after so much effort for so long.

And here I must pause to give a big shout out to my Love, without whom this novel would never have been written, nor it's successors. Yes, there are more. A trilogy, to be precise. But I don't want to give too much away right off the bat. At any rate, I owe this all to the love of my life, because he was the inspiration, the driving force, and the drill sergeant that kept me going whenever I flagged or got too caught up with the rest of life. He saw even more than me that this was something that I had to finish- if only for my own sanity. Because I can tell you, as a writer, that walking around muttering to yourself with your head all wrapped up in the world of your characters will end with you in the looney bin if you don't get it out on paper.

So I did.

When can you expect to see "The Outmate" released? Here is the schedule. It will be distributed as an ebook this summer on all digital platforms. The release of the novel in print will depend on it's reception, and on the success of my Kickstarter campaign. So by all means, if you want "The Outmate" in print, head over there and contribute. Well... once it's up.

I'll end this blog by saying what I feel is the very essence of this novel, and all subsequent novels. It's just a simple blurb, and resonates with me as I hope it will with you.

Embrace your Demons.