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Hello My Pets,

Well, I just did my first live radio interview. I have to tell you, I was frightened out of my wits for days beforehand and I seriously considered calling it off. I woke up at two a.m. the day of the interview with massive panic attacks. I spent the next several hours pacing, crying, and trying to meditate. I had all my notes ready and kept shuffling through them nervously talking to myself out loud, trying to prepare. 

Then something miraculous happened! I went live on the air and everything just clicked. I was, after all, talking about not only my own personal life, which parallels the book closely, but also about a book that I can recite verbatim and who's characters have lived in my head now for three years. I knew my material. My voice shook with excitement to hear the questions my very kind hosts (Larry and Robin) asked me, because it meant they got what I was trying to get across in the book. They made me feel at ease. But I can tell you, there is nothing more of an adrenaline rush that hearing that your Baby, that you worked on for three whole years, suddenly going live and other people wanting to know more. Where did the inspiration come from? Why do you stay in a prison relationship? How much does Chrissie and Nick relate directly to you and your Beloved? 

I thought I wasn't ready for such questions, but I was. And it was such a great feeling.

The interview is available on my press/reviews tab on the site. But just in case, here's the link to it as well on

Still flying high on that first interview and still so appreciative to my hosts, who made me so comfortable. Still can't quite believe The Outmate is starting to gather an audience who appreciates it. 

And still so thankful to my beautiful, wonderful, supportive, ferocious man.  He's still the reason all of this is happening. 

Happy Holidays everyone!